You may have heard that we are opening a new restaurant. We announced that a few months ago as we negotiated on a property on the 3500 block of Butler in Lawrenceville. What we hadn’t announced was what we wanted to do because, honestly, we hadn’t worked out the name yet, much less the final details for the concept. However, it turns out that the longer you try to not tell people of your plans, the harder it is for those plans to not be revealed.

So, with the working name Alta Via Pizzeria, we are opening a restaurant in Lawrenceville that springs out of all the good things that we love about Alta Via. But rather than a core group of pastas on the menu, we’ll have a core group of pizzas.

Here are the things we do know about Alta Via Pizzeria (we will call it AVP for short going forward):

  • We will continue the focus from Alta Via of having a good variety of delicious, seasonal salads.
  • We will serve four or five tasty and fresh salads all the time.
  • Vegetable side dishes will have a their own menu section like they do at Alta Via. Some of these will rotate seasonally, and some will be full-time residents.
  • Some menu items might be shared between the two restaurants.
  • There will be a large, tasty, and interesting appetizer section like people have come to expect from big Burrito restaurants.
  • In the Not Pizza section we will have some sandwiches (burger testing has been fun!) and a few entrees.
  • We will have soft serve gelato!
  • After peeking at the colors and textures from our interior designer, I guarantee it will be a beautiful place.
  • We will have a full bar focused on classic cocktails, a wine list filled with Californian and Italian wines, and great draft beers.
  • Oh, and there will be some pizzas. Lots of pizzas. We know at this point we will have both square pies and round pies.
  • I can’t believe how much there is to learn about pepperoni! I always thought there were two types, big sandwich pepperoni and little pizza pepperoni. But there are SO many!
  • I can’t express how exited I am for this one!

Life of Pie

This concept seems to naturally flow from Alta Via. From the very beginning when we discussed our plans, friends would ask me about pizza. It would always go something like this:

“Is there pizza?”

“No. Like I said, no pizza.”

“But pizza would be great! A glass of wine, some fresh pasta, a slice of pizza.”

“No, we thought about it and decided to not have pizza at Alta Via. The concept will be lots of salads and vegetables and a whole lot of fresh pastas. Also, a wood fired grill for grilling meats and fish and vegetables.”

“But if you have a wood-fired oven, why not have pizzas!?”

“It is a wood fired GRILL. I mean, there is also a wood oven part of the grill but it isn’t a pizza oven. It is an oven for roasting.”

“But still, I think you should consider pizza.”

And, while rehashing these conversations grew a little silly, it became obvious how nicely pizzas would pair with the concept of Alta Via. Great dough, great sauce, tasty high-quality toppings, lots of herbs and vegetables—the whole idea sounds awesome! Even before we opened Alta Via, we were already test cooking pizzas. It felt so natural.

September is coming fast, and we hope to open around then. This looks to be a fun project. I really need to keep getting my steps in to fight the carb overload.

Oh, and here are some pictures!