(412) 362-5656

5847 Ellsworth Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15232



Soba inhabits a beautifully restored Victorian row house among the shops and salons of Ellsworth Avenue. The trickling slate water wall, glass and steel staircase, aromatic modern Asian dishes, familiar yet exotic music, and hand-painted murals engage all your senses. While the soft-lit lounge offers a stylish venue for dining and drinks, Soba’s secrets truly reveal themselves as one explores the textural rooms and well-worn nooks throughout the building. As you wander through, it is difficult to not trail your hands along the walls and railings to drink in the textures, enjoying the rich woods and fabrics throughout.

Experience Soba as a group, sharing the many smaller plates, dim sum, and sushi before you pass around the noodles, curries, rare tuna, or duck. Or dine with a partner, intimately sharing a meal and passionate conversation. We cook from our hearts, embracing the fundamental flavors and styles of our favorite dishes from China, Thailand, Korea, Japan and other Asian destinations. We love the foods from these countries, memories of journeys and adventures distilled onto plates in Pittsburgh, attentive to the ideas and fundamentals without getting too hung up in authenticity. In the smart lounge, explore the dynamic cocktail list featuring modern classics as well as our own variations. Follow your evening throughout our rooms, plates, and coupes, traveling with us away and back again, journeying to warm and delicious departures.