A few updates to our big Burrito Family:

With the escalating COVID-19 scare, we have closed all of our restaurants to dine-in guests. We are still offering takeout and delivery from all of our Mad Mex restaurants as well as from Kaya and Alta Via (11am-8pm daily). Additionally, with the closure of PLCB stores, we are offering $10 growler fill ups for anything on tap—$5 extra if you need a new growler. Hopefully these small offerings can help you get through the next few weeks.

We’re using this opportunity to do some deep spring cleaning. Even though we’re pretty much closed, we have offered the opportunity to our entire staff to work this week to pull these restaurants apart and scrub every inch. Getting the opportunity to really work our way through the restaurants item by item, corner by corner, to rip them apart and get them back to new all at once is cathartic.

Metaphorically, it also helps to whittle away at the fear and uncertainty we’ve had over the last few weeks. Like everyone, we have felt completely helpless while the threat of COVID-19 and economic disruption looms. In addition to the stress we’ve felt in our daily lives, the uncertainty has caused relatively straightforward tasks in our restaurants – ordering salmon, scheduling service staff, writing prep lists – to become incredibly difficult to navigate. With Governor Wolf’s announcement of the mandatory closures, the stress of running restaurants reached a crisis level we have never experienced.

Now, in this time after the closure, as we enter into this pause of business and work to take care of our big Burrito family, we take the opportunity to clear the physical slate by deep detailing the restaurants. Also, we’re attempting to clear our panicked mental slates as well to prepare for the road ahead. Of course, the shutdown, the looming possibility of further outbreak, and the uncertainty of life in general still worries us, but at least we know the spot behind the oven is clean.

Take care of each other, and we’ll take care of you. And there might be a Gobblerito in your near future…

Bill Fuller
President I big Burrito Restaurant Group